Inveo Ventures Co-Investment GSYF

A brand new investment fund formed by Inveo
Ventures to provide liquidity faster into the
entrepreneurship ecosystem.

what are we doing?

Co-investments with other institutional VCs to conduct efficient investments.

Secondary market investments to acquire cofounder shares of startups.

how are we doing?

Difficult for startups to manage fundraising process when it comes to fundraise from different VCs in the same fundraising round. Depending on our strong relationship with the investment ecosystem, we are co-investing with lead corporate investors, accelerating our internal decision making process.

Difficult for founders and early angel investors to partially liquidate their shares and get an early access to the capital. If a startup is funded by a corporate investor in last 6 months or in an active fundraising process, we are interested in acquiring such shares.

what’s in it for you?

Early access to the capital for founders and early angel investors and partial exit opportunity.

Accelerated investment decision making process partnered with other VCs and CVCs.

Opportunity to get funded by Inveo ecosystem investment funds in follow-on investment rounds.

Simplified cap tables with the involvement of an institutional investor.

More than 30 years of
capital markets and investment experience!

Nex-Gen Value Investor!

  • We maximize the value of our ecosystem with investments of the right value at the right time. Our vertical focus in capital markets, our strong knowledge and experience in international markets, and our solid relationships with foreign investors enable us to effectively support our ecosystem.


1,168 Mn USD

last 5 years


3,275 Mn USD

last 5 years

Leading brokerage house for public offerings!

  • Leadership in 25 IPOs and co-leadership in 3 IPOs with a total value of approximately 2.3 billion Turkish Liras since.
  • A broad investor base and a reliable address for investors; Over 188 thousand investors with over 42 billion Turkish Liras in financial assets.
  • Strong capital structure and financial data; 9.4 billion Turkish Liras in assets and 1.1 billion Turkish Liras in shareholders’ equity as of year-end 2022.

More than 30 years of capital markets and investment experience!

Portfolio Management based on Competitive and Sustainable Return!

  • Inveo Portföy, which closed 2021 with a portfolio size of 1.2 billion TL, increased by more than 384% in the 2022 operating period and reached a size of 5.8 billion TL.
  • Increase in Managed Funds from 20 to 41 In 2022, 1 variable, 6 venture capital, 12 independent, and 2 fund basket funds were launched, bringing the total number of managed funds to 41.

Our team is skilled at navigating challenging market conditions and executing a wide range of complex transactions.
Given the breadth of our relationships, we have access to proprietary insights that help guide our purchasing decisions.

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    We never lose sight of the fact that;

    We're here to support founders & teams and assist them in
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