Application Form Commitment

I hereby declare, guarantee and acknowledge that;

  1. I have provided your organization with all information, papers, ideas, explanations, recommendations for solutions, codes, software, and other contents (“Content”) of all nature of my own free will; I do not violate any person’s or organization’s privacy, personality, broadcasting, or other rights with the contents; I do not transmit any content or text that is protected by another party’s intellectual or industrial property rights; that it is not possible for others to claim rights on the Content I have shared; otherwise all responsibility will belong to me exclusively.
  2. Any recording and preservation of the Content will not in any way be interpreted as confidential information.
  3. I am aware that your business has not indicated any intent to cooperate by sharing this Content with your company.
  4. I agree to the processing of my personal data within the parameters outlined in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data’s Clarification text, provided that such usage does not breach my civil rights to privacy set forth in the Turkish Civil Code.
  5. I irrevocably accept I will not assert any claims now or in the future on any matter covered by this undertaking, and that I will not hold any claims to any rights or receivables from your Company in any name.